Seo is called search engine optimization. Actually it's a bunch of techniques and strategies with the help of you can index and rank your site in SERP (search engine results pages).

First of all I would like to confirm you that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bind has a huge number of searchers can send you thousands of targeted visitors every day.

So if you're a business owner or service provider it's very good to rank your site in search engines to get maximum exposure from your business. You can outsource your seo work to any company or you can also learn seo from any seo training institute in Delhi and can optimize your site for search engines.

We're also running an seo institute in Delhi where you can learn seo at very affordable prices. Today I'm going to explain you some most important strategies with the help of you can learn seo.

Join Professional SEO Training Institute

One of the best ways of learning SEO is to join an institute. It's a best method because you'll learn from professionals. We have also an Digital Marketing institute in Delhi where we teach our students on live projects. 

This is best thing if your institute is giving you training on live projects. You can get best out of this. Fess of the seo course is also not very high. Anyone can easily afford this. You just need to do is to find out a best seo training course institute and take an admission over there. 

You can be an internet marketing expert in just three to five months and can start your career as a freelancer, service provider or can also join any reputed internet marketing company. You can also go through an institute to learn Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Find out SEO Articles on Net

The second best way to get trained in internet marketing is to read articles from internet. There are lots of free content article directories available online where you can find lots of important and useful stuff about search engine optimization. You just need to search about SEO Articles on Google or any other major search engine and they will show you most relevant results.

Find Some E-books From Online Stores

You can also find out some ebooks over net to learn SEO. I came across many online shopping websites like amazon and find out many e books about search engine optimization. Cost of these books are also very low and you can get them by some clicks.


You can go for anyof the above listed ideas and within 3-5 months you'll be an internet marketing expert for sure. Hope you enjoyed this article and get appropriate information. If you still have any queries you can make comments or can also come to us at below or visit our website -

What do you think about Google panda? 

First of all, I would like to confirm that Google panda is nor a URL based penalty it's a domain level penalty applied by Google to those sites which are not making their on-page according to Google webmaster guidelines. According to Google they want nothing but want to serve high-quality sites to their searchers. 

As we all know that Google is not just a company it's a big brand over the net and almost everyone surfer knows that what Google is. So if Google strat serving bad quality sites to their visitors and it will definitely harm their reputation. 

It's only quality which makes Google no. 1 dot com company in the world and one more thing I would like to confirm you that because of Google it's strong algorithms and high quality and relevant results Google has more than 70% stake of search query market. To discuss how you can make your site anti panda.

How to Make a Quality On Page

On page is very important in terms of the panda. You have to make your site SEO friendly so that it can perform better in SERP (search engine results pages). Write proper meta title, description and keywords tags so that search engines can properly categorize it. 

After that, you need to make your site content more eligible than others. Write proper heading and insert your keywords in between your content. Also, try to insert synonyms and LSI words. It will build up your site's quality and your site will start performing good in SERP.

Internal Linking and White Page

Internal linking is very-very important if you want to kick out panda from your site. It's also called white page SEO. I would like to confirm that if you are doing white page SEO company according to Google guidelines then you need not make any external backlinks for your site. Your site will perform best without any kind of backlinks.

Content Quality and Management.

The third and one of the most reasons which incest panda to penalize a site from indexing and ranking. 

  • Always try to produce high quality and relevant content. Do not make much grammar, Verband style errors. 

  • Poor quality content can never perform in SERP. If you are not making high-quality content then it will harm your site at any time. 

  • The second thing about content criteria is to generate unique and original content. 

  • Do not only try to rewrite articles every time and copying content from other sites is strictly prohibited.

So, guys, these are the three most important things which might easily incest Google Panda to penalize your site. You'll not find these things in any SEO Training Course Institute.

Here isthe Institute of Digital Marekting also providing Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi and SEO Training Course in Delhi.

Best SMO Company in Pitampura : SMO Service Provider

Do you run your own business? Do you want to spread your unique thoughts or ideas? What will you do for that? Of course, you will go for an SMO Company in Pitampura. 

Are you looking for an SMO Company in Pitampura to use social media optimization to create awareness about your company, products, ideas or thoughts? Without any doubt you are at the right place. Today we are living in the era of technologies. 

We all use these technologies in one form or other to our advantage. Social media is one such advantage in our life. It is a good means of advertisements also. Face Book is very common and popular social media sites.

SMO is Social Media Optimization

  • It is associated with the optimum use of social media and networking sites to spread information.

  • The Digital India concept and Make in India philosophy of the Government of India has played a constructive role in increasing SMO possibilities.

  • There are many benefits of using an SMO Company. It makes the reach of the products far and wide. 

  • It attracts the individual attention because mostly an individual uses the social site at one time. 

  • So chances of the product hitting the target are very high. 

  • SMO helps the companies to associate with the clients very effectively. 


We are serving in Pitampura as an SMO Company in Pitampura. Let’s have a look at the profile of our company.
  • We have been serving for the last ten years.
  • Skilled professionals work to cater to your requirements.
  • We have a strong client list.
  • We have a proven track record.
  • We charge reasonably for our services.

If you are willing to promote your company, brand and products across the wide spectrum of social media and want customers to make bee line before your shops, visit our website portal and give us a call on this number: +91-7289940770 or visit our website: today.


Best PPC Company in Pitampura: PPC Agency Service Provider 

Many questions plague the minds of those who are exploring ways to promote their website, advertise without spending a heavy amount, test the effectiveness of search engine-based marketing, etc. 

PPC or pay per click is a term such people are very familiar with but are probably not sure why it is popular or how it works. You need to avail the services of a PPC Company in Pitampura.

PPC marketing model is an investment made to draw traffic to a website. You as an advertiser have to pay for each visit made by an Internet browser to your website. 

Whenever a person clicks on your ad, and gets directed to your website, you have to pay a fee to the search engine.

Interesting, isn’t it? If you contact a PPC Company in Pitampura, you will learn more about this model, which lets you to bid for a good position/rank in the sponsored links of a search engine. 

Let us say, you want to promote your online business of selling shoes. You can bid on relevant keywords like ‘footwear’ or ‘shoes’, so that your ad shows up in a prominent position on the search result page of the search engine.

When a browser clicks on your ad, she/he is taken to your website. When she/he arrives at your website, you have to pay the search engine a fee. Even if she/he doesn’t click on your ad, he/she would’ve “seen” the ad. 

Getting seen means your brand name is registered in the mind of the viewer. And there is no fee to be paid for this. You need to pay only if there is a click.

The PPC Company in Pitampura will:
  • Use relevant keywords in your ad
  • Improve the quality of landing page
  • The significance of quality scores

Try calling a reliable PPC Company in Pitampura  to find out more ways in which your business can gain from PPC. You may log in on our website or call us on +91-7289940770 today. You can also get here best digital marketing training in Pitampura...

SMO Training near Pitampura Delhi - Best SMO Training Institute

Best time to enroll yourself for Social Media Optimization if you have never done so. It is one of the rapidly growing technologies to assist you in each step as you move. 

Currently located at Pitampura Delhi, I must opt for SMO Training in Pitampura Delhi with the best educational deals that include fundamental and hands-on with job opportunities guidance. 

It is going to satisfy your need for your career if you are a fresher. If you are handling or dealing with business Social Media is the best option to advertise your brand and increase your sales by publicity. 

Internet is the best option to choose for advertising leaving behind other media like TV, Radio, and newspaper. 

Internet is primarily fetching data to your published brand in Social media that visitors are searching, hence became a necessity to fulfill the need as well as advertising your band. That is a win to win situation and a satisfying factor for each one. 

SMO Training in Pitampura Delhi

  • SMO Course in Pitampura Delhi is latest market trend setter and training center offers this course with 10+2+3 that’s a minimum qualification and maximum with no limit. 

  • This is an advancement of technology where you will gain knowledge and hands on and making you confident to become an expertise and professional.  

  • Basically the work which is very difficult to do (advertising) or taking huge time to exchange the information(publish your brand ) or letting the people know what you want to tell them. 

  • SMO is one stop solution where you can just tell once and the world will know it as per their need and thus increasing contacts with you where you can gain something including people whom you did not talk/meet earlier.

Importance of SMO Training in Pitampura Delhi

As SMO is currently very popular and competitive, hence training center are providing best SMO training in Pitampura Delhi. must join to become functional with hands on in SMO. 

This is the correct time to boost your profile by learning SMO and beat the technology post gaining good knowledge.

As in initial stage it is the most beneficial to accomplish your goal. This offering for SMO is never ending opportunities where you stay in India or get a chance to settle overseas

You Can Call Us  at - 7289940770

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Top SEO Companies in Pitampura Delhi : Best SEO Agency in Pitampura Delhi

If you are starting a new company then you will find many companies for competition. You have to beat all of them. 

Mostly companies like to increase their customers with the help of internet marketing. You are needed to build up a website. 

However, this act is not just sufficient to make your company famous. Your website should be on top ten results of Google search engine. 

For this, you can take help of Top SEO Company in Pitampura Delhi. You should make a list of SEO service provider in the Pitampura Delhi city.


Benefits By Making A List Of SEO Company In Pitampura Delhi

When you will know about their contacts and addresses then you can easily take information about their services. 

You will be able to analyze the difference between two SEO Company. Hence, you can easily select the best SEO service provider by just making a List of SEO Company in Pitampura Delhi. 

But to do all of this, you will be using a lot of time. Otherwise, you can hire an experienced company which has already proved as beneficial for several other companies. 

If, you are in search of such SEO Company at that moment, our company would like to explain about our specialties.

Our Company Is Really Better From Top SEO Companies In Pitampura Delhi?


We cannot just match up to their services, but we will do better than them. Better ROI is absolutely sure with us as we have highly professional attitude. We do have many other valid points to justify our clam. Some main points are;

  • Our company has more than 50 clients from all over the world.
  • You can find a pretty good result out of your expense by selecting our SEO service.
  • Our company has teams of SEO service having smart experts and experienced ones.
  • Our company offers you different types of affordable packages and Seo Course in Pitampura, according to your requirement.

This information is only for an example because we keep a lot of surprises for our customers. To know more about our company and its service, you can call on our contact number 7289940770 or checkout our official website.

Institute Of Digital Marketing
Address  : A-325,First Floor, Sector-2,Rohini, New Delhi-110085


Digital Marketing Training in Pitampura


Search engine optimization, known better as SEO, is the process of helping your site get higher rankings on several popular search engines such as Google, Ask and Bing. 

This helps your company get more free traffic from the major search engines. More traffic means more sales, and more sales means more profits. 

This can be a daunting and time consuming task to do on your own.  Take the headache out of your SEO tasks by letting us do all the heavy lifting.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are the heart and soul of your SEO campaign. 

  • It is essential to research the correct keywords for your site. 

  • There are many companies out there who have failed due to having the wrong keywords in their SEO campaigns. 

  • We take care of this process by coming up with those hidden gem keywords that have a good search volume, but medium to low competition. These hidden gems are often overlooked by many companies out there today. 

  • We find them through the use of technology and good old fashioned know how.

  • You will get 3 main keyword to work with. We also include four to five related keywords to help round out your campaign. 

  • You are always welcome to provide us with your own suggestions for keywords as well. 


Once the keyword research is complete, we will do a full audit of your site to look for any potential problems. We analyze HTTP Headers, website content, traffic, page indexing, and more. 

If we manage your site then we will fix these errors. If we do not currently manage your site, we will send you a report with suggestions on what to fix.

A link to a bad site can do more damage than most think it can.

  • We will analyze your past back-links to see if any bad links are harming your search engine rankings. 

  • If we manage your site, we will go through the process of getting those links removed. 

  • If we do not manage your site, we will send you a list of the harmful links to have removed. 

  • We also send you a disavow file that you can upload to Google webmaster. 

  • After we do all of that, we will start some off page optimization and link building. 


Video Creation and Submission

Each month we will create professional video about your product(s). 
We will submit this quality video to the top 15 video sharing sites, such as YouTube, vimeo, and more. Videos are a great way to generate not only traffic, but some high quality back-links.


Press Release

You get the complete package with our services. Every month, one of our highly experienced staff will create an informative SEO optimized press release for your site. 
Once written, it will be submitted to popular places such as PR Buzz, Press Doc, SB Wire, and more. This release will be picked up by hundreds of sites around the globe.


High PR Blog Posts

Each and every month we will create a blog post on a high PR ranking (PR2 to PR7) website. 
This will be a permanent post on the homepage. These are some of the best high quality back-links that you can get.


EDU Blog Posts

Your site will get actual blog-post on privately owned edu blogs hosted on US university domains. They are not from forums or blog comments like many other firms are selling. 
You get 4 edu blog posts and 8 edu back-links every month.


Manual bookmarking

You get 10 manually submitted bookmarks from great sites such as Delicious, Digg, and more. We only select higher ranking bookmark sites to help your SEO campaign.

Address  : A-325, First Floor, Sector-2, Rohini, New Delhi-110085

Email  :

Contact No.  : 7289940770

  Digital Marketing in Pitampura



Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pitampura

Digital Marketing Training is nothing but marketing of merchandise or services using Digital Technologies like Television, Internet etc. Since the start internet, that has been used as a knowledge sharing platform wasn’t limited and then knowledge sharing, it meant something more to marketers. 

Many businesses took the opportunity to create an online presence as well so that as time flied, internet got a unique name which was referred as “internet marketing”. 

Internet has indeed paced up well sufficient reason for all technological advancements companies are rather mixing up their marketing strategies by including affiliate marketing within their daily scheduled activities.  

One more unbelievable thing could be that the purchasing style and trend has evolved because the businesses did start to offer an online presence. Since, internet became a point of contact between the consumer as well as the company people did start to search for anything we were holding in need of assistance or were taking care of specific information regarding any product or services.

Why Digital Marketing Training Pitampura

To be successful in business it is very important have the right kind of knowledge. To elaborate about the term “right knowledge”, you must be updated with relevant, contemporary and practical idea of concepts. Management education consists of a lots of core, integrative along with functional subjects. 

However, essential the theoretical knowledge is, it is usually important to give complete importance towards the pedagogy of imparting that knowledge. Techniques like case studies, lectures, internships and research provide plenty of scope to develop superlative business skills. 

The new age Internet Marketing Training in Pitampura Delhi must train the scholars to formulate an enthusiastic business acumen and optimist attitude because it’s necessary for accurate making decisions. 

Analytical skills are as vital asset for virtually any business graduate. Imbibing these skills require a case-based learning strategy. Few Institute in Pitampura perform this job much better than the most notable Institutes of India.



Online Marketing Training Program:

  • Beneficial to the training candidates and prime solution to the companies expecting SEO, providing valuable Organic SEO approach in the angle of increasing your Sales, creating more traffic and generating more leads.

  • We deliver single day training or provide a program over a number of weeks or months depending on your needs.

  • Weekends Training (Sat & Sun) at your in house work spot also conducted.. 

Our core training includes :

  • Internet Marketing Primer - a complete framework for planning and implementing online marketing campaigns.

  • Writing for the Web - improving web copy is the single most effective step you can take to improving your results.

  • Online Public Relations and Link Building - including business, advertising, public  relations and direct marketing disciplines


Are you Interested in Internet Marketing ?

Who Should attend this Training ?

  • All Business Owners
  • Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Marketing Directors, Marketing Consultants.
  • Entrepreneur to start own online business
  • Housewife home based job opportunities
  • Retired person who wants to Earn Money using Internet and online promotion.
  • Web Designers & Developers , Content Writers
  • Freshers


Basic Computer and Internet Knowledge

 Live Project:
Book Free domain and hosting to start a website from a scratch level of implementation.

Benefits for Every Participant :

  • 100% Job Assurance
  • Latest Updated Course
  • Live Project Training
  • Affordable Fees
  • Small Batch Size
  • Training by Experts

For More Information Visit

Address  :  A-325,First Floor, Sector-2,Rohini, New Delhi-110085

Email  :

Contact No.  :  7289940770

Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura